Qualifying for Chapter 7 Discharge of Debt in Texas

Meeting the Requirements to Permanently Rid Yourself of Debt When you’re struggling to meet your personal financial obligations, there are two types of bankruptcy filings that may be open to you: the permanent discharge of debt under Chapter 7, and the restructuring or reorganization of debt under Chapter 13. Under current law, you must qualify to … [Read more...]

Getting Past the Stigma of Filing for Bankruptcy Protection

Bankruptcy is Not a Sign of Failure | The Benefits of a Personal Bankruptcy You’ve lost your job because of the pandemic, or you’ve suffered a serious injury or illness, incurring thousands of dollars in medical bills that aren’t covered by insurance. The bankruptcy laws are there to protect you, to give you a chance at a new start, but you’re … [Read more...]

No-Asset Bankruptcy in Texas

What Is a "No-Asset" Bankruptcy? How Is It Different from Other Chapter 7 Filings? If you have decided to file for protection under the bankruptcy laws, and qualify for a Chapter 7 discharge of your debts, one of the first things you'll need to do is provide the bankruptcy court with an inventory of your assets. As a general rule, those assets … [Read more...]

Can Tax Arrearages Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

Can You Get Rid of Tax Debt in a Chapter 7 Filing? Do you have an unpaid personal income tax debt that's been hanging over your head for a while? Are you struggling to meet your other financial obligations, with the tax arrearage simply adding to your challenges? Have you considered filing for personal bankruptcy protection? Can a Chapter 7 … [Read more...]

Can I Discharge a Student Loan in Bankruptcy?

Permanently Ridding Yourself of Student Loan Debt According to recent statistics, the average amount of student loan debt is more than $32,000 per borrower. With the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic, about one in every six persons with a student loan is in default and many more are struggling to stay current. If you have substantial … [Read more...]

Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Texas

What Is a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition? How Is It Different from Chapter 7? As the pandemic continues, more and more of us find ourselves facing financial challenges. Maybe you lost your job or experienced a temporary layoff that put you behind on your bills. Maybe you lost weeks or months of work because you caught the virus. The bankruptcy … [Read more...]

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Texas

What Differentiates Chapter 7? What Can You Expect? The pandemic has concerns about more than our physical health...for many of us, it's put us in a precarious financial situation. Maybe our employer went out of business or had to downscale. We may have been out of work for a few weeks or months, putting us behind in house, car and other … [Read more...]

Staying Out of Trouble When You File for Bankruptcy

Things You Don't Want to Do before You File for Protection When you're struggling to meet your financial obligations, bankruptcy can be a godsend. With a Chapter 7 filing, you can permanently discharge certain debts, and, in Texas, you can usually keep most or all of your property. Even if you don't qualify for relief under Chapter 7, you can … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy and Divorce—When Should You File?

Which Proceeding Should Be Initiated First? You're struggling to meet your financial obligations and your marriage is falling apart…it's a fairly common occurrence. Financial difficulties are a common contributor to marital strife, and relationship woes can often take a financial toll. When it's clear that you need the protection of the bankruptcy … [Read more...]

Filing under Chapter 13 Instead of Chapter 7

Reasons to Choose a Reorganization over a Liquidation/Discharge There are two primary approaches to personal bankruptcy—the permanent discharge of certain debts under Chapter 7 in exchange for the transfer of unprotected assets to the bankruptcy court; or the reorganization/restructuring of personal debt in Chapter 13. With a Chapter 7, your debts … [Read more...]

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Consumer Bankruptcy

Can I keep my car? Will bankruptcy stop a foreclosure? Will I ever be debt-free again? How will I ever pay these medical bills?

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you want to stop creditor harassment, eliminate repossession debt, stop garnishments and keep your house, and car, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy could help.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Are you in jeopardy of losing your house? Are you making good money but everyone is asking for payment right now? Do you want or need to stop collections?

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