What to Expect (and Not to Expect) from a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing

What Chapter 7 Can and Cannot Do for You If you're struggling to meet your financial obligations, chances are good that you've considered filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. It's important to understand, though, that bankruptcy won't solve all your problems and that there will be consequences. Before you decide to file, you want to know … [Read more...]

Must You Include Your Spouse in Your Bankruptcy Filing?

Can One Spouse File Independently of the Other? If you're married and facing financial challenges, you may wonder whether you have to include your spouse as a party in the event you decide to file for bankruptcy. What if your spouse owned a house with a mortgage on it at the time of your marriage and never re-titled the property to include you? … [Read more...]

How Chapter 13 Works When You’re Behind on Car Payments

Restructuring an Automobile Loan in Bankruptcy When you're facing financial challenges and struggling to pay your bills, that often means you're behind in making your car payments. But having reliable transportation is important when you're trying to turn things around—you need to get to and from a job. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can help … [Read more...]

Reestablishing Your Credit After Filing for Bankruptcy Protection

A Bankruptcy Petition Won't Permanently Ruin Your Credit Rating If you're struggling to meet financial obligations because you've lost your job, had unanticipated and unreimbursed medical expenses, or any other reason, American bankruptcy law is there to help. You may be reluctant to exercise your rights for fear of permanently damaging your … [Read more...]

Steps You Can Take to Minimize Your Risk of Bankruptcy

Ways to Avoid Common Financial Pitfalls In many instances, the factors that lead to bankruptcy are unpredictable. You suffer a personal injury or lose your job. There are, however, many common factors that contribute to the need to seek protection from creditors. Here are a few simple measures you can employ to reduce the likelihood that you'll … [Read more...]

Knowing When It’s Time to File for Bankruptcy Protection

The Telltale Signs that You Should Contact an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer In our first blog this month, we wrote about overcoming the stigmas associated with bankruptcy. Unfortunately, inaccurate preconceptions about bankruptcy result in many people waiting too long to file and making the situation much worse than it needs to be. If you're … [Read more...]

Talking to Friends and Family After You’ve Filed for Bankruptcy Protection

Overcoming the Stigma Associated with Bankruptcy For many people who opt for protection under American bankruptcy law, the decision whether to file is less about whether it will help them financially and more about how they will be perceived by friends and family. Though U.S. bankruptcy laws exist to give debtors an opportunity for a fresh start, … [Read more...]

Chapter 13 Reorganization and Real Property Debts

The Best Way to Get Control of Mortgage and Property Tax Obligations For many who seek protection under American bankruptcy law, financial troubles relate largely to ownership of real property. For example, owners may be behind on mortgage payments and property taxes, facing tax liens and potential foreclosure. You can seek to discharge debts in … [Read more...]

Will You Lose Damages from a Personal Injury Claim in a Bankruptcy Proceeding?

Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Claims Can You Keep Compensation Received in a Personal Injury Lawsuit? One of the common causes of bankruptcy is unanticipated and unreimbursed medical expenses, often as a result of an accident. When you file a personal injury lawsuit, it often can take months or years before you see any compensation. If you are … [Read more...]

The Potential Impact of Bankruptcy on Your Employment

Can You Lose Your Job If You File? Will It Disqualify You from Future Employment? For many people facing unmanageable debt, there's a fear of filing for bankruptcy protection. That fear is based on concerns of job loss and negative impact on future employment opportunities. Can an employer terminate you for seeking protection under the bankruptcy … [Read more...]

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